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2023!!!!  Yep 2023 arrived

I am so excited for this year.  A ton of new and exciting things have happened recently to me personally and my family.  New tours, new music, and God willing a new album will be in the works.  I have been talking about a new album for a couple years and after much heartache I finally see things coming together.  It is going to be absolutely amazing and I have been holding back a lot of new music at my shows in preperation for the studio.  This year I will be back on the west coast, east coast, the gulf and everywhere in between.  God has been so good to me and if you wish to see me this year at your church, special event, backyard barbecue, or anything please send me a message.  I love hearing from people.  God bless and have an amazing 2023.

Thanks for checking out my site.  The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus.  I also don't like to write bios that sound like I copied it right from wikipedia.  I was born and raised in a very rural area in southwest Wisconsin.  Go Packers!  I started playing guitar at age 15 and began leading worship for a youth group at 16.  That was many years ago.  In 2007 I helped start a band called Finding Fortress.  After varied success and drama through an opportunity to move to Nashville we fell apart in 2011.  Through it all I now see God was saying now is not the time or place.  After heading to Nashville my first solo album was released in the summer of 2016.  Since heading into a solo career God has blessed me time and time again.  Hearing stories of how my music has touched lives and brought people back to church is very humbling.  God is on the move and I am so glad to be part of his church. 

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